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Cardio SPIN

Cardio SPIN

Burn up to 700 calories with this fun, high energy spin class using heart rate % and interval training.

    Fitness Fusion

    Fitness Fusion

    (Spin/Strength cond.) Burn fat and get lean with spin, get strong and tone up with strength conditioning, the ultimate one two punch.

      Max Burn

      Max Burn

      High intensity functional training circuit, with cardio bursts to maximize a HIGH calorie burn well beyond your typical workout. All levels welcome!



        SGX training, function circuit training, cardio intervals, you get in all with XFitness! Designed to get you in the best shape of your life!

          Cardio Boxing

          Cardio Boxing

          Tabata style class combining boxing combinations, strength training and core conditioning all in one class. No boxing experience is needed.

            • "Now that was thee best spin class ever! Dan FYFE has good energy and a lot if it Thanks Dan!"

              Nancy Feole Buote
            • "Dan's spin class is the best work out I have ever had on a bike. He is motivating and drives you to give it your all every time. I can see a huge difference in my stamina and strength in just the one month I have been here, not to mention I have dropped a few pounds. Always a great benefit! Thanks Dan. You Rock!"

              Danette Della Siegel
            • "Dan is awesome. Energy level is high and he walks around to help you improve ur form and encourages you to do your best. Highly recommend."

              Brianna McGregor
            • "Best spin class ever, hands down! Dan really teaches form, plays the best music and is so motivating. He will make you feel welcome and glad you came."

              Fran Doherty
            • "Be ready for the 800 calorie spin workout. You dont want to just burn 200 calories! Dan is very engaging with each of the newcomers - encouraging and, equally important, correcting our posture so we get the most out of what we came to accomplish. Enjoy!"

              Nancy Barnes
            • "Dan is terrific. He is incredibly responsive via email and incredibly welcoming to new folks. He has a great tone which is both motivating and reassuring especially as you are learning. If you are looking for a great workout in a friendly environment I urge you to check this place out. I am just beginning my journey but I am so glad to be doing it with Dan."

              Jim Hamilton
            • "Spin class like no other -I would highly recommend Dan's classes. Excellent cross training for runners!"

              Pamela Lathrop
            • "Overall, a wonderful environment – studio is always very clean, spin classes are challenging yet so rewarding and the x conditioning classes are probably one of the best work outs I get! Dan is the best - he takes the time to work with each person - to correct their form, to encourage them or to just give them the push they might need! I went there very intimidated but looking to get in shape and in less than one month, between 2 nights of spin and 1 night of X conditioning, I lost 11 pounds… more importantly I feel great! The gym itself is a very comfortable, welcoming environment and I truly look forward to going. I highly recommend for all!”

              Francesca Gallo
            • "As an avid runner, I tried spin class at FYFE Training as a way to get off the roads 2 days a week.  I never expected it would have such a huge impact on my running, but Dan's focus on proper form and muscle function taught me how to be stronger and perform better without injury in any activity.    It was a complete game changer.  The classes are challenging but always fun, the people are great and you leave feeling like you had some laughs, worked hard and truly accomplished something for your efforts.  I don't think of myself as a gym person or a fitness class person but I love FYFE Training!"

              Kate Jagger